Hunting in Belarus

We offer an incredible opportunity to go hunting in Belarus, where unique hunting traditions, best hunting areas and trophy animals are preserved, and vast gamekeeping expertise has been built. Traditionally, in Belarus there is bird hunting in the spring and summer & autumn, hoofed game hunting, fur bearing animals hunting in autumn & winter. Hunting is allowed for 53 species of wild animals, including 22 species of mammals and 31 bird species.

The Belarusian hunting areas’ square is 16,7 million ha, where 203 game keeping entities are registered. To host hunters, in forest-hunting grounds there are 91 comfortable hunter houses. We will select the perfect option for you, which will allow you to have a rest from the noise of the city at a picturesque place. After a successful hunt, you will be able to go to the Russian sauna, cook dinner from game meat on the specially equipped firesides and grills, and sit by the fireplace.

Are you a new hunter? We can offer a special tour with training!

For your convenience, we provide complete support in the importation, keeping & exportation of your hunting weapons and ordnance, as well as the importation and exportation of hound dogs and hunting birds, including the obtaining of the permitting documents. In case of game trophies exportation from the Republic of Belarus, we will prepare all the necessary paperwork.

More info on the organization of hunting in Belarus can be found in the special section Frequently Asked Questions

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Hunting tourism in Belarus

Cost for hunting and services

Service Price of services (for one hunter), EUR
Receiving the weapon importation permit (for 1 item) 50
Rental of weapons (for 1 item) 50
Ammunition for firearms (for 1 item):  
Rifled 5
Smoothbore 2,5  
Transportation of hunters to the hunting ground (for 1 km) 0,35
The organization of hunting (for 1 hunter for a day (24 hours)):  
Individual for hoofed game 50
Driven hunting and wolf hunting with flags 55
Accommodation for the hunter or the accompanying person От 25
Provision of three meals a day for one person (alcoholic drinks are charged separately) От 25
Organizing of hunting for a novice hunter, includes training in all the nuances of hunting От 55
Paperwork for the exportation of trophies (trophy list, veterinary certificate, international veterinary certificate) 50
Initial preparation of the trophy:  
Elk, deer 25
European roe 20
Interpreter (from a group of hunters for a day) 50
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