Deer Hunting in Belarus

The deer is a noble and independent animal, a strong representative of the Cervidae family in Belarus.

The deer hunt in the Republic of Belarus can be called the most beautiful and exciting. We offer you to win the best trophy and get a lot of pleasure from hunting such a noble beast.

The deer is a large ungulate, its length is about 2 meters. The weight of the animal can reach 300 kg.

Deer are herd animals. The herd consists of a male and a female with fawns. Sometimes deer live in pairs, and old deer often live independently.

These beautiful animals have excellent senses of hearing and smell, so they sense a human from a great distance. Permanent enemies of deer are wolves, bears and lynxes.

Deer hunting in Belarus is allowed in the autumn-winter period from August 20 till January 31. The hunt types are ambush, stalk and with baiting. Also acceptable is driven hunting with hounds during the day.

Hunting with decoys (calling the deer) is effective during the rutting period. At this time, the animals are active, they make call-up sounds, which are easy to imitate with the hunting pipe. Males rush to these calls in search of females. Another way to lure deer is using areas with small puddles and ditches. The best time for this hunt is early morning and evening. The hunter has to be in the area of rutting in advance in order to find a hiding place. They need to move quietly.

After the end of the rutting period, driven hunting is possible. This is a group hunt, where there are shooters and beaters. The shooters position themselves so as to wait for the deer, which is running from the beater, and avoid crossfire.

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Cost for hunting and services in EUR, deer

Horns with the skull without the lower jaw, weight (kg)  
Up to 3,49 600
From 3,5 to 4,99 750
From 5,0 to 5,99 850
From 6,0 to 6,99 1300 for 6,0 + 1,7 for every 10 g
From 7,0 to 7,99 1470 for 7,0 + 5,0 for every 10 g
From 8,0 to 8,99 1950 for 8,0 kg + 8,5 for every 10 g
From 9 and more 2800 for 9,0 kg + 12,5 EUR for every 10 g
Shooting a grown-up non-trophy male 600
Shooting a female 500
Shooting an (under) yearling 250
Wounding a grown-up trophy male 300
Wounding a non-trophy male 1000
Wounding a female 300
Wounding an (under) yearling 150
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